Grade 5


 Students learn to make connections!

Essential writing skills continue to be developed, including paragraph structure, outlining, and summarizing. In Social Studies, students investigate the history of the United States and their home state from the Reconstruction Era through modern times. Students learn to make connections between American history, literature, and geography.

English Language Arts:

Students prepare for the rigor of middle school by studying complex sentence structure and reading challenging non-fiction. They write their own sci-fi narrative, and choose a topic for an opinion piece about issues that impact their community.


Students carry out investigations, design solutions, and generate fact-based opinions using observation and data analysis. This year, learners develop a plan to decrease air pollution.

Social Studies:

This year’s focus is on our nation’s growth after the Civil War—through World War I, World War II, and the Cold War and into the Modern Era. Students create interactive virtual exhibits to show their state’s history.


The Singapore Math Method introduces students to multiplying two-digit numbers by two digit numbers, practicing long division with and without remainders, adding subtracting and multiplying unlike fractions and mixed numbers, working with decimals, graphing on a coordinate plane, and calculating the volume of solid figures.

Physical Education:

Students are required to participate in regular physical activities. The focus is on warm-up and cool down, water safety, goal setting, nutrition, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Art & Picture Study:

Fifth grade artists explore contour, naturalism, and linear perspectives. In Art History, students study paintings from ancient Egypt through the modern art movement.

Course content subject to change.