VLAC Grade 1

 The Joy of Reading and Writing


Students work with two- and three-digit numbers, skip-counting, measurements, 
addition and subtraction, telling time, and graphs.

Language Arts

Through activities that develop phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills, students build on printing skills and begin to use the distinctive Calvert script. The formal spelling program overlaps with phonics instruction in reading. Students learn to compose sentences on a given topic, lines 
of poetry, and thank-you notes.


An exploration of living things, Earth, weather, matter, motion, and energy excites the imagination.

Social Studies

Students are inspired by biographies of famous explorers, political figures, inventors, and American leaders. They explore the five themes of geography and learn basic map skills.


Computer studies include word processing, computer navigation, graphics skills, and visual mapping basics. 
Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates.