Grade 5


 In-depth review of history and classic literature


Students use problem-solving and visual representations to multiply and divide fractions, simplify algebraic expressions, represent ratios in fraction form, multiply and divide decimals, and classify polygons. 

Language Arts

Students explore connections among American history, literature, and geography by reading classic historical novels such as Sing Down the Moon and Sign of the Beaver. Students also continue their studies in grammar and learn how to write different kinds of compositions.


Animal and plant kingdoms, weather, ecosystems, physics of matter, forces, and energy are explored.


Students continue to learn about American history, from colonial times through the twenty-first century.


Students study the regions of the United States, the countries of Latin America, and Canada.


Research and basic HTML skills are introduced.


Students learn different art techniques including contour, naturalism, and linear perspectives.

Art History

Using A Child’s History of Art: Painting by Virgil Hillyer, students study paintings from ancient
Egypt through the modern art movement.