Grade 6


 An emphasis on independent learning


Students draw on problem-solving skills and prior knowledge to develop an understanding of ratios and proportions, summarize data distributions, compare numbers with percents and ratios, write and evaluate algebraic expressions, and express and compute rates. 

Language Arts

Students develop skills of literary analysis while enjoying poetry, drama, novels, and nonfiction. Grammar study is intensified as students learn how to diagram sentences. Composition skills are honed through various assignments, including a research report. 


Earth science, the environment, weather and climate, and chemical properties and interactions are studied.


From the birth of Western civilization through the fall of Rome, students are awed by the past.


Students study the Eastern Hemisphere.


URLs, web searches, and presentations are critical skills used for study across subjects. 


Students study Egyptian line drawing, soft-dough sculpture, relief sculpture, and symmetry design. Lessons are coordinated with Art History study.

Art History

A Child’s History of Art: Sculpture offers the study of great sculpture from ancient times to the present.
Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates.