Grade 7


 Inspired and integrated art and history


Students develop an understanding of proportional relationships, add and subtract integers, perform operations with rational and irrational numbers, simplify algebraic expression, approximate probability and relative frequency, and construct different geometric figures.

Language Arts

Students continue to build strong grammar and composition skills through descriptive narrative, expository writing, and poetry. Students enjoy novels, poems, and works of nonfiction.


Life and physical sciences, characteristics of living things, and sound, light, motion, forces, and energy provide understanding of how things work.


Students are captivated by the past as they study the fall of Rome through the Enlightenment.


A study of thematic maps and the Western Hemisphere expands world knowledge.


More sophisticated topics such as networks, web research and validation, desktop publishing, and databases are introduced.


Students apply concepts from Art History, including creating trilithons and step pyramids and designing various buildings.

Art History

A Child’s History of Art: Architecture is explored with applied lessons designing structures.