Grade 8


 High school preparation and confidence building


Students develop a deep understanding of algebra through statistical applications and representing and comparing functions. Students will also add and subtract using scientific notation, use exponential notation, graph linear equations, analyze data, and apply geometric transformations.

Language Arts

Narrative poetry and prose correspond to American History. Students are immersed in the country’s intellectual, physical, and political identities. Vocabulary, grammar skills, and reading comprehension are built through poetry reading, speeches, sonnets, plays, and award-winning novels.



Physical, life, and earth sciences such as electricity, magnetism, the structure of plant and animal cells, genetics, space, topography, and erosion are studied.



Students study American History from the discovery of America to modern America.



Students review geographic themes, such as spatial growth, demographic patterns, and climatic issues, in the historical context of the U.S.



Students master presentation skills, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and HTML.


Learning Strategies

Students also master study skills, organizing, test taking, note-taking, and research needed for high school.Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates.