Hands-on, active learning


Students explore Math by learning about fractions, money, shapes, time, and simple addition and subtraction.

Language Arts

This phonics-based approach uses colorful, read-aloud phonics storybooks and poetry to introduce and reinforce short vowel and consonant sounds, sequencing, auditory and visual discrimination, classifying and rhyming.


Students study topics such as the seasons, weather, the human body, plants and space.

Social Studies

Students discuss community, transportation, and significant people and events.


Word processing and graphics applications are introduced.


Students learn traditional children’s songs and finger plays.


Students paint, draw with crayons and chalk, and complete craft activities to foster creativity and develop fine-motor skills.

Children enjoy a full-day program featuring a phonics-based learning approach that gives them a solid foundation for reading. Hands-on, interactive activities make learning fun as students are introduced to Technology, Science, handwriting and the fundamentals of music.