VLAC - GenNet Partnership

Courses Offered/Cost

Calvert Education Curriculum powered by Oakland Schools for grades K-8.

Calvert Education package includes daily lesson manuals along with all textbooks, workbooks and reading materials.  Online resources include Discovery Education Streaming, BrainPop, e-textbooks, and Calvert instructional videos.

Enrollment is all-inclusive by grade level.

$3,700 per year. Discounted for enrollment after Jan 1. Contact VLAC office for details.

https://virtuallearningacademyconsortium.org 1-888-638-8949; 1-248-209-2071


All lesson manuals, textbooks, workbooks, reading books and supplemental resources (such as BrainPop, Discovery Streaming) are included in annual fee.


50% refund when course materials are returned to Oakland Schools unused and sealed within 30 days of delivery date.​

Technical Support

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Contact the GenNET Office for assistance and/or questions related to our website.

GenNET Office - GenNETOnlineLearningSupport@geneseeisd.org
Phone:     (810) 591-4401 
Toll Free: (888) 364-5409​