Who We Are

​​Welcome to the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium!

VLAC is a high-quality, home-based virtual learning opportunity for students in Kindergarten -12th grade. Our program is a public school option for parents (and other caregivers) preferring a flexible, home-based environment and who are willing to guide their child's learning. Parents, students and staff in the VLAC program work together to keep our students engaged and excited about learning.
We know that an excellent education can happen when parents and schools become true partners in a child’s education. VLAC is a partnership that ensures that a warm, meaningful and supportive environment is established from the very beginning of a child’s educational experience. This partnership also allows each child to flourish and become a well-rounded and unique person whose individual strengths and talents can be developed to their full potential.
As we work together to build a vibrant community of learners, please feel free to call, email, or stop by for a visit. VLAC’s staff is committed to providing the best for your child.​

 Our Districts

The Virtual Learning Academy Consortium was founded in 2012 by school districts from Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. School districts in Kalamazoo County participate in the consortium as well. Oakland Schools operates the VLAC program on behalf of the consortium. Students who enroll in VLAC must also enroll in a participating school district. In addition, a number of participating districts will enroll students in the VLAC program as a Schools of Choice enrollment option.

Questions about enrollment in a participating school district can be directed to info@vlao.org or by calling the VLAC office at 888.638.8949.

For a list of districts that participate in VLAC, click here


 Featuring Calvert Curriculum

Why We Chose the Calvert Curriculum

Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) features the world-renowned Calvert Education curriculum which is a high-quality, research-based, standards-aligned program of study designed to prepare your child for success in school and in life. Developed by curriculum and distance learning experts, the Calvert curriculum provides your child a challenging and integrated educational experience with emphasis on communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. Instruction is sequenced in manageable steps, reinforced by multimedia experiences to engage children with different learning styles. Both the curriculum and its presentation is refined and updated every year, to take advantage of new search, new technology and new ways to help your child succeed.


It All Works Together

To emphasize and reinforce key concepts, skills and information are integrated within topics and across subjects. For example, the readings in the literature course follow the time period being studied in history. Composition skills learned in language arts are applied when writing essays and reports in literature, history and science. Computation, data analysis, and graphing skills learned in math are applied when students develop spreadsheets to display results from a science investigation. Technology skill application is woven throughout all subjects to ensure students succeed in a 21st century digital environment. In each subject area, students build on what they already know to successfully grasp new concepts and skills​​

 About High School

The High School Curriculum

The foundation of the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium High School is a curriculum offered through Lincoln Learning Solutions, guided by your local mentor teacher.  These rigorous courses are highly engaging and are aligned to the Michigan content standards.  Lincoln classes provide standards-aligned learning objects that make content mastery possible.  Student can also personalize their schedule of courses with electives.  VLAC mentors meet with each student to personalize their schedule to fulfill graduation standards while developing the student's interest.

To prepare students enrolling in VLAC with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college and the workplace, students are required to engage in rigorous online coursework that meet the requirements set forth in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).  


Freshmen can visit our website to start enrolling in late April.  Students in grades 10-12 are by referral only and should contact their local district. Participating districts can be found on the High School Page.