Future Families

​Are you looking for virtual, home-based learning for your child?

There are many reasons for educating your child outside of a traditional classroom. Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) offers a choice for parents who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education. VLAC enables you to share the gift of your time and talent with your child. Our virtual school’s instructional model provides individualized learning plans that meet your child’s specific needs.
The VLAC virtual learning experience consists of a partnership among students, our faculty, parents, peers, and both academic and technology support teams. The support of our team empowers your child to reach his or her full academic potential.
Role of the Learning Guide
As the primary person providing instructional delivery for your child, the Learning Guide is expected:
  • Be an active participant in your child’s education
  • Prepare for the day and for each lesson by reviewing learning objectives with your child and preparing materials for the day’s lessons
  • Facilitate daily lesson activities by answering questions from your child, monitoring task completion and pacing, checking daily assignments, providing direction and assistance as needed, and checking to be certain that your child has carefully completed all requirements before assignments are submitted to the Supervising Teacher
  • Actively communicate with the school and with your child’s Supervising Teacher on a regular basis
  • Work with your child and the Supervising Teacher to make certain that the program is meeting his or her precise academic needs
Expectations of the Student
As soon as students enroll in the school, they begin taking on the responsibility for learning and academic achievements.
  • Understand that their parents and teachers are their support systems.
  • Always present their very best effort to their Learning Guide (parent) and teacher.
  • Maintain academic integrity by submitting only their own work. Agree to complete all tests independently with no assistance.
  • Spend an adequate amount of time each day to master the objectives for at least one lesson in each subject.
  • Submit designated assignments to their teacher within the specified timeframe.
  • Participate in scheduled live classes and online threaded discussions.
  • Complete all of the online daily checkpoints as each lesson is completed.
  • Are willing to ask questions and seek help when they don’t understand.